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Our Services

Zirconia Crowns
We are now using the latest technology to intraorally scan for zirconia crowns. This new method is easy, efficient and comfortable, providing 99% more accuracy of the restoration
Dental Implants are used to replace a missing tooth by surgically inserting an artificial tooth root into the jawbone.
Fixed Bridges
Fixed bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are permanent and involve reshaping of the teeth on each side of space that is going to be filled. They can be made of porcelain fused to metal or Zirconia (all Porcelain/no metal).
Dental Crowning
Crowns are used to help restore broken or damaged teeth and can be placed on natural teeth as well as implants. Very similar to fixed bridges, crowns are permanent and can be made of porcelain-fused-to-metal or Zirconia.
Root Canal
Performed by removing the infected or damaged pulp and nerve within the root. Once the pulp has been removed filled, and sealed, it can be protected by either a filling or permanent crown to prevent further damage.
Dentures are used in order to replace all missing teeth with the option of either incorporating removable or locked in placed with implants. manufactured and accommodated with either Acrylic or Porcelain teeth.
Partial Dentures involve the replacement of single or multiple teeth missing within the oral cavity. They are removable and can be manufactured in the following materials: Acrylic, Metal, and a flexible resin called Valplast.

Our Patient Testimonials

Meet Our Doctors

Roberto Gutierrez image
Dr. Roberto Gutierrez
Oral Surgeon
Licensed to practice since 1976
Jose Cruz image
Dr. Jose Luis Cruz
Oral Surgeon | Implantologist
Licensed to practice since 2002
Alejandro Moran image
Dr. Alejandro B. Moran
Oral Surgeon | Implantologist
Licensed to practice since 2005
Ricardo Santos image
Dr. Ricardo Santos
Oral Surgeon | Endodontist
Licensed to practice since 2000
Javier Villegas image
Dr. Javier Arturo Villegas
Oral Surgeon | Endodontist
Licensed to practice since 1995