Same day appointments | Walk-ins

At Washington Dental Clinic you will never wait for an appointment to be scheduled. We offer appointments on the same day and walk-ins are always welcome.

At Washington Dental Clinic we are equipped with our own state of the art denture laboratory.
We provide a full range of preventative dental services, including; routine dental exams, dental cleanings, X-Rays, fillings and extractions.

In addition our dental facility offers shuttle vans that provide regular service to and from the clinic to various points in El Paso including most of the city's major hotels (see Hotel list) and to a conveniently located downtown parking garage, where you can leave your car at our expense.

Once at the clinic, you can relax in our comfortable, waiting area, where you can watch television and sip on refreshments. Our friendly bilingual staff will answer all of your questions about your dental work and be as helpful as possible to make your visit to Washington Dental Clinic a most pleasant one.